divorce after 50

Divorce After 50: Surprising Changes When It Comes To Taxes


It’s one of those statistics that is both surprising and, well, not surprising. Baby Boomers, the generation that led the charge into no-fault divorces in the 1970s and 1980s, continue to lead other age groups in divorce into their retirement… Continue reading

tax refunds

Got a Tax Refund? Here’s What You Should Do With It


Unexpected money is great, like finding a crisp $20 in a coat pocket or when an older relative snail-mails you a check because it’s Christmas and they have no idea what to get you. Windfalls on the lower end of… Continue reading


Three Gifts More Valuable Than This Year’s ‘Must-Have Item’


Twinkling lights, travel planning, and endless emails promoting “see it to believe it” sales can only mean one thing – it’s the holiday season! Each year it seems that once a chill is in the air, companies begin to ramp… Continue reading

roth ira

Hit The Roth IRA Sweet Spot And Retire With More


Wishing you had put more into a tax-free Roth IRA? You might just get your chance if you aim to hit the Roth IRA “sweet spot.” Roth IRAs are increasingly popular. About a third of retirement investors own them, according… Continue reading

kathleen kalu-anderson

Paying it Forward: Embracing Life as an Advisor, Mom, & First Generation Filipino-American


Sometimes in life, if you are lucky, there is a moment when all of the pieces come together–personally and professionally. For me, joining Rebalance has been one of those times when a new challenge and opportunity showed up at just… Continue reading


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