How To Start The Family Money Talk


It’s the holiday season and that often means families are gathering together from far and wide. These holiday gatherings might be the perfect opportunity to have a family money discussion that helps to lay the groundwork for conversations. This Kiplinger’s… Continue reading


When Illness Results In Adverse Financial Outcomes


The month of November marks Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. If you know or have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s, it’s critical to ensure not only their physical and emotional health but also their financial security. A new Georgetown University Medical… Continue reading


National Savings Day is Oct. 12. Are you saving enough?


National Savings Day was October 12 and according to this Money Magazine article, the number of 401(k) millionaires saving for retirement reached an all-time high. Do You Have $1 Million in Your 401(k) Yet? The Number of People Who Do… Continue reading

divorce after 50

Divorce After 50: Surprising Changes When It Comes To Taxes


It’s one of those statistics that is both surprising and, well, not surprising. Baby Boomers, the generation that led the charge into no-fault divorces in the 1970s and 1980s, continue to lead other age groups in divorce into their retirement… Continue reading

tax refunds

Got a Tax Refund? Here’s What You Should Do With It


Unexpected money is great, like finding a crisp $20 in a coat pocket or when an older relative snail-mails you a check because it’s Christmas and they have no idea what to get you. Windfalls on the lower end of… Continue reading


Three Gifts More Valuable Than This Year’s ‘Must-Have Item’


Twinkling lights, travel planning, and endless emails promoting “see it to believe it” sales can only mean one thing – it’s the holiday season! Each year it seems that once a chill is in the air, companies begin to ramp… Continue reading

roth ira

Hit The Roth IRA Sweet Spot And Retire With More


Wishing you had put more into a tax-free Roth IRA? You might just get your chance if you aim to hit the Roth IRA “sweet spot.” Roth IRAs are increasingly popular. About a third of retirement investors own them, according… Continue reading

kathleen kalu-anderson

Paying it Forward: Embracing Life as an Advisor, Mom, & First Generation Filipino-American


Sometimes in life, if you are lucky, there is a moment when all of the pieces come together–personally and professionally. For me, joining Rebalance has been one of those times when a new challenge and opportunity showed up at just… Continue reading