The Huge Financial Force Even Albert Einstein Missed


The vast majority of people don’t understand compound interest, a point not lost on the legendary physicist Albert Einstein. Privy to the forces that govern our physical existence, Einstein’s theories continue to be proven decades after this death. Yet even… Continue reading


The Surprising Thing About Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos And His Divorce


The divorce of founder Jeff Bezos and his wife of 25 years, writer MacKenzie Bezos, made headlines for its outsize asset split — she walked away with $38 billion. Perhaps more interesting is that despite the huge dollars at… Continue reading


Laid Off at 50? How ‘Accidental Entrepreneurs’ Can Rise and Prosper


When do you expect to retire? Maybe age 65 or later? Think again. On average, most Americans leave work just before the age of 60. There are a variety of reasons. Health is one, but plain old downsizing happens too.… Continue reading


What Do Bella Hadid, Lil Wayne And Tom Hanks Have In Common? This Problem.


It’s easy to think of celebrities as being above it all. Yet they have human bodies and the same frailties we all face, particularly as we age. The model Bella Hadid has Lyme disease. Rapper Lil Wayne is an epileptic.… Continue reading


Ashton Kutcher Is Leaving Nothing To His Kids. Should You Do The Same?


The actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis plan to leave nothing to their kids — at least nothing unearned. Kutcher, who starred with Kunis on the popular sitcom “That ’70s Show,” recently declared that he and his wife will give… Continue reading


Changing Jobs? Before Leaving, Don’t Forget This Money Move


Americans change jobs a lot — more than a dozen times over a career. A new opportunity beckons, across town or across the country. Cake is consumed and co-workers hand you a card scrawled with cheerful goodbyes. Your boss says… Continue reading


How To Get Your Money Back From An Old 401(k) Account


Found money is exhilarating, even more so when it actually belongs to you. Every few years the same story pops up in the media — how to claim “lost” bank accounts or other assets, such as old stock certificates. Usually… Continue reading

financial advice daughter

The Financial Advice I Give My Daughter


You’re probably thinking: Isn’t it the same thing you tell your sons? Of course it is. The point is not that women need different guidance. Rather, women need guidance that too often is not given to them. As a financial… Continue reading

Charles Schwab blog

Zero Trading Commission Fees Is A Huge Win For Investors


Schwab announced on Tuesday the elimination of commission fees. Customers can now trade stocks and exchange-traded funds for free. This development marks a significant day in Wall Street history. With the elimination of trading commission fees, it seems the retirement… Continue reading

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