Everything You Need To Know About the CARES & SECURE Acts


As we enter the next few weeks of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the headlines are sure to disorient and worry us all. Federal, state and local responses will unfurl in real time with varying degrees of effectiveness, further confusing matters.… Continue reading


What Retirement Investors Should Know About the SECURE Act


Congress at long last has taken action to offset the dismal retirement outlook for Americans, passing the SECURE Act with bipartisan support. There is a lot going on in the legislation (1,773 pages!), such as making it far easier for… Continue reading


Beware These Stealth Expenses In Retirement Planning


This week is National Retirement Security Week. Have you considered lesser-known expenses such as household replacement costs, relatives in need and required IRA distributions? Often, these are forgotten about until deadlines or needs push us to act. In this piece… Continue reading


Identifying Another Gulf for Women: Financial Literacy


In this piece for the Wall Street Journal, journalist Lauren Silva Laughlin reports on the modern gender gap that exists today for many women around financial literacy.  At Rebalance, our firm is proud to be a female-majority team, and we… Continue reading


An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Success


This Sunday’s Washington Post shared something I’ve long known…namely that my partners Scott Puritz and Mitch Tuchman are world-class human beings. The Post profiled Scott to share his entrepreneurial spirit and how Rebalance came to be. And what an exciting… Continue reading

How a new rule will save millions for American retirees

U.S. Senators Applaud Rebalance


Recently, the U.S. Senate held hearings on new rules to make retirement investing safer for all Americans. My partner, Managing Director of Rebalance Scott Puritz, is a nationally recognized authority on retirement investing and was asked to provide the Senate… Continue reading

education investing

A Financial Checklist for Your Newly Minted High School Graduate


Do you have a teenager who is about to head off to college, or a young adult in your life digging into the start of their working lives? “Real world” financial matters, such as budgeting, banking, and health insurance, can… Continue reading


Our 3 Favorite John Bogle Books


The recent loss of investing giant and Vanguard founder, John Bogle, got us to thinking about the many books he wrote and which ones meant the most to us. Here are our top 3 favorites to help inspire you to… Continue reading

Money Resolutions

5 Resolutions that Could Help You Retire a Millionaire (But Still Enjoy the Champagne)


In the iconic words of Regis Philbin during his game show hosting duties, “Who wants to be a millionaire?” The better question should be who doesn’t. While it may sound lofty to dream about retiring with 6 zeroes (or more)… Continue reading