BetterK by Rebalance Case Study

When a Generous Plan Design is Paired with Great Service, Your 401(k) Plan Comes Alive

The Client

  • Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Greater than 200 employees
  • Very generous 401(k) plan with low engagement
  • Began working with the Rebalance BetterK solution in July of 2023

The Problem

  • High costs: some obvious, some hidden
  • Low participation
  • No excitement about the plan
  • Poor customer service for the employer and the employees
  • Advisor on plan not present
  • No outreach to help employees
  • High turnover within workforce (30%)
  • >50% of employees are remote
  • Large hourly population

BetterK by Rebalance Solution

Within the first six months we saw a:
  • 46%
    Decrease in Costs
  • 10%
    Increase in Employee Participation Levels
  • >15%
    Increase in Employee Contribution Levels

& More!
  • Blue Sky plan administrators experienced a time savings of 2+ hours a week
  • Employees became comfortable interacting with the BetterK team
  • The Rebalance team raised the employees' level of excitement about the generous plan sponsored by their employer