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Bruce Springsteen isn't going to retire at 67

Bruce Springsteen Isn’t Planning To Retire


Iconic performer Bruce Springsteen is out with a memoir of his life in music, unsurprisingly entitled Born to Run. It’s his first attempt to capturing his own story, although many others have written it before, some even writing him off.… Continue reading

John Bogle explains a highly negative trends facing retirement investors

John Bogle: Investors Face This Highly Negative Trend


What’s going to hurt investors the most over the coming years? You might come up with any number of investment trends to worry about — inflation, debt, politics or terrorism, to name just a few. John Bogle, the founder of… Continue reading

Does your 401(k) cost too much money to operate?

3 Signs Your 401(k) Or IRA Costs Too Much


Lawsuits are piling up on the desks of HR directors around the country, all with a common theme: The employee retirement plan was too costly and the company should have known better. Retirement investing is not an expensive process. There are… Continue reading

Brexit doesn't matter to long-term investors

5 Investment Themes Bigger Than Brexit


A lot of ink is being spilled over a close but clear vote among Britons to leave the European Union, known as Brexit. You’ve probably seen lengthy explainers on why the vote matters to investors and what you should do about it.… Continue reading

John Oliver explains why retirement plans fail investors

John Oliver, A Comedian, Might Just Save Your Retirement


You might not know John Oliver. He’s British, first of all, and his comedy program “Last Week Tonight” airs on late-night cable. The segments on the show are long (22 minutes long!), very wonky and tend to tackle subjects most of us actively… Continue reading

Vanguard Founder John Bogle on investing and retirement

For Bogle Wall Street Is The Problem, Not Stocks


John Bogle, founder of passive investing giant Vanguard, believes that the animating force behind the stock market is to make money — just not for investors. In a recent interview and a separate letter to the editor, Bogle makes the case… Continue reading

3 Money Topics Every Couple Should Be Discussing

Love & Money – 3 Topics Every Couple Should Be Discussing


This month I had the pleasure of being asked to participate in my first ever Twitter Q&A with Reuters, hosted by Lauren Young. It was a lot of fun and a privilege to join a panel made up of some… Continue reading

Invest like a millionaire without paying high prices

How Does Rebalance Charge Clients?


Mitch Tuchman, Managing Director of Rebalance, explains that charging just a half a percent on your assets allows clients to retire with more. Continue reading

How to rebalance your retirement investments

Time Based Investing Works


Professor Burton Malkiel of the Rebalance Investment Committee on how time-based investing makes money in the market. Continue reading