Will you leave money on the table this year — again?

So much of our complicated financial lives involves timely use of work benefits, tax planning, and keeping up with annual deadlines.

Christie Whitney CFP®, Rebalance Vice President of Investment Advice & Director of Financial Planning, is here to offer an end-of-year playbook anyone can execute, allowing you a chance to enjoy your holiday break less stressed and more confident about the financial year ahead.

In this interactive, lively conversation, Whitney will guide you through some of her most important money touchstones, including the positive, life-changing effects of having a real financial plan. 

She will review crucial dates in play as the calendar year comes to a close, including:

  • Tax Planning
  • Insurance
  • Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Charitable Donations
  • Emergency Savings
  • House Purchase
  • Social Security
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning

You will walk away armed with specific information and the actionable steps you need to make a positive change for the year to come.

The holidays are dead ahead. Before you know it the new year will be here. Time to get your ducks in a row, before these important dates pass us by!

Webinar Info

Thursday, December 8th at 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

Via Zoom

Event Speaker

Christie is a passionate active listener, who, through education and engagement, works to improve client literacy of retirement investment best practices. She is a seasoned Certified Financial Planner™, and has over 15 years of experience in the private financial services sector. Her goal is to provide clients with peace of mind by educating them throughout the investment process, and keeping an open avenue of communication.

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