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Meet Lauren Simpson

Lauren Simpson, Senior Director of Growth Marketing, shares how her personal experiences created a foundation for her approach to helping Rebalance clients find purpose with their investments.

Lauren Simpson:
So my Grandpa Simpson, he’s somebody who’s influenced me a lot in my life. Probably the most influential person I would say. And the reason for that is just how much he valued family. He had 10 kids. So my dad is one of 10 and my grandpa had to be very meticulous about saving for retirement with 10 children. And so on one income he would bike to work to save money on gas, and he made sure to still make a point when my dad was growing up to take all of the kids on an annual family trip. And then when he reached retirement and, as I got to know him, as Grandpa Simpson, he valued family reunions and he valued coming to visit us. And his 10 kids moved all across the country and he still was able to use his retirement money to visit all of his grandkids two or three times a year. And then to be able to host these family reunions.

And I think what I learned from that, and what I took from that was that money has a purpose and for him that purpose was family. And that’s, I think, inspiring to me and it’s what I want my money to be able to do too. And coming full circle with Rebalance, it’s, I think a goal for a lot of people. And so I wanna help other people be able to retire and use those funds for what they were intended for, which is build memories with your family because that’s ultimately the legacy that you’re going to leave behind.