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Meet Scott Puritz

Scott Puritz, Managing Director of Rebalance, discusses how much emotions can impact your retirement investments.

Scott Puritz: The stated mission of Rebalance is to help our clients retire with more. In one sense, in a very real sense, we are in the anxiety reduction business. It is extraordinary how much emotion is wrapped up in retirement investing, and most of these emotions are negative in nature- such as anxiety, frustration, embarrassment, and guilt. We all have been subject to how difficult it is to find good advice and investment products for retirement.

At Rebalance, what we find is that once we embrace our clients, listen to them, recommend the right portfolios, and put together a retirement investing plan, their anxiety level goes way down, and they feel in control. Their level of trust goes way up, as does their satisfaction. They can go back to enjoying their lives and not be burdened by constantly thinking about the challenges of retirement investing.