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How have Rebalance portfolios performed?

We would be happy to discuss portfolio performance, but we find that this topic is often confusing, in part because returns must be evaluated in the context of inherent risk. Please schedule a time to speak with one of our… Continue reading


Are you a financial planner?

Yes, Rebalance is an investment management firm and we have highly qualified Certified Financial Planners (CFP) on our team. We can create a personalized financial plan for you to ensure that you are on track for retirement. If you are,… Continue reading


Why do I need an IRA expert?

Retirement investing is tricky. The U.S. government gives you a tax break on your contributions, but it wants its share of the gains, in the form of income taxes, once you begin withdrawing at retirement. There are more than 100… Continue reading


Can you customize a portfolio for me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this level of service. But our portfolios offer a range of risk tolerances and are designed to fit a wide variety of retirement investors. We use them ourselves.


What is an ETF and why do you use them?

ETF stands for “exchange-traded fund.” These funds trade on the stock exchange just like any stock. ETFs are no secret, but investment professionals such as brokers can’t earn fees from most of them, so they go ignored. Each ETF is… Continue reading


Why is your methodology different than any other broker?

An educated investor is our best client.  We urge you to read our methodology section and ask us any questions so that you understand and become comfortable with how we manage money. We have adopted the same investment approach used… Continue reading