plan offerings

Customize your small business retirement
plan to better suit your life.

Employer Match

When your employees defer a percentage of their income, the company can match it and create parameters to match the deferral amount.

Auto Enrollment

Automatically enroll your employees into the 401(k) plan as soon as they qualify, giving them incentive to contribute and receive the company match.

Safe Harbor

A provision added to your 401(k) plan that gives you a pass on most compliance testing. This is beneficial to the company because of the reduced testing requirements.

Profit Sharing

The most flexible way for employers to defer retirement dollars to their employees. You share your business success, with your employees having control over how much is contributed each year.

Cash Balance

Adding a cash balance plan reduces taxable income and increases the business owner’s savings rate up to four times more than with a stand alone 401(k), which benefits employees too.


Created for employers who run nonprofits, church organizations, and public educational institutions. Similar to 401(k) plans in terms of contributions but different withdrawal taxation in retirement.

Rebalance can help small businesses reduce 401(k) fees by 50% or more. Get started today!

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