Cash Balance Plans for Businesses

Cash Balance Plans
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With world-class investing, financial planning, and decision-making advice, Rebalance 360 combines three powerful services into one transformative approach.

Cash Balance Plans for Businesses

The powerful tax strategy for business owners


Adding a Cash Balance Plan to your company’s 401(k) plan can save you up to $150,000+ or more on your tax bill!


How a Cash Balance Plan Works


What a Cash Balance Plan is

A Cash Balance Plan is a retirement plan that works alongside a traditional 401(k) plan. A Cash Balance Plan allows business owners to contribute $400,000+ per year. Contribution limits are based on the age of the owner.

Why a Cash Balance Plan is important

A Cash Balance Plan helps business owners leverage their finances and save more money tax-deferred. Often, business owners are able to fund a large portion of their retirement with the money that a Cash Balance Plan allowed them to save in taxes. 

How Rebalance can help

A Cash Balance Plan can be complex, and implementation can require a plan advisor with deep expertise. Rebalance has several years of experience helping business owners set up this sophisticated retirement strategy.


How much can you save with a Cash Balance Plan? 

Fund a sizable portion of your retirement nest egg using money that you would otherwise have paid in taxes. Download this helpful one-pager to view potential tax savings by age.


Cash Balance Case Study 

See how a high-earning business owner can use a Cash Balance Plan as an IRS-sanctioned strategy to reduce their tax bill by over $100K a year.




Download Our
Cash Balance Guide

Questions about Cash Balance plans? Everything you need to know to unlock huge savings can be found in our Cash Balance Plan guide.



2023 Contribution Limits

Save this handy table to determine just how much you could be contributing to your own retirement — with and without applying a Cash Balance Plan to your retirement strategy.




Rebalance can help small businesses reduce 401(k) fees by 50% or more. Get started today!

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