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Investments with Low Fees & Higher Returns

Rebalance manages your investments with some of the lowest fees in the industry. We can save you on average 68% in annual fees. And when it comes to saving, even small reductions in fees can make a big difference in the size of your nest egg.

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Our People

The industry’s brightest minds

Rebalance puts some of the brightest minds in the investment industry to work for you. Burt Malkiel, Charley Ellis, and Jay Vivian make up our Investment Advisory Board and their world-renowned financial expertise informs every Rebalance portfolio.

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Our Process

Balanced, Global Diversification

Every Rebalance client account is a collection of globally diversified funds selected by our experts to work together as a balanced whole. Over forty years of research has shown that this type of balanced, diversified investing helps reduce risk and improve overall returns.

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Expert Investment Advice And Services

At Your Service

The power of two…
dedicated to you.

Rebalance pairs each and every one of our clients with a seasoned retirement investment advisor and a highly qualified investment service representative. They’re your own personal finance team, monitoring your money and your situation, ensuring that you are always on track to achieve your goals. It’s a five-star approach used by elite wealth management firms for their institutional and high-wealth clients, and for good reason. It works—providing highly personalized advice and service that ensures your money is managed safely, effectively, and most of all personally.

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