Rebalance Presents: 

How to Invest in Today’s Financial Markets

Rita, a resident of Communications Hill, works at Rebalance – a wealth management firm. At Rebalance, we believe that retirement readiness is an important topic. Talking about financial literacy, the importance in planning for retirement, and giving it the seriousness it deserves, will help better prepare you for your own retirement and alleviate the anxiety surrounding the topic.

Join Rebalance Managing Director Mitch Tuchman as he explains the key drivers of investing success in today’s market. In this webinar, exclusive to residents of Communications Hill, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear from a Financial Advisor.

During this presentation Mitch Tuchman will be addressing:

  • What to make of the current Financial Markets volatility
  • The most effective (proven) strategy for retiring with more 
  • Investing 101 tips that can help you grow your investment portfolio
  • Communications Hill Residents’ questions in an open-forum Q&A

This webinar will be interactive and have a portion of the presentation dedicated to addressing client questions and concerns.

While this webinar is intended for Communications Hill residents, we encourage you to invite friends or family who might benefit from Mitch’s insights on the financial markets.

Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

11 am PDT via Zoom

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