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The word is out!

The word is out! NPR, PBS, CNBC, Fox, the U.S. Senate and many others agree with the Rebalance approach to retirement investing. Continue reading


The Word is Out!

Rebalance’s Managing Director Scott Puritz is featured in this U.S. Dept. of Labor video on retirement investing “best practices”. Continue reading

Saving for college requires careful planning

Saving For College Vs. Retirement


Sally Brandon, Vice President of Client Services, explains why it’s usually better to finance your retirement instead of your kids’ needs, such as a saving for college. More on kids and retirement priorities. transcript I think it’s an interesting thing that… Continue reading

Low-cost investments can save your retirement

How Does Rebalance Build Trust With Its Clients?


Managing Director Scott Puritz shares how Rebalance builds trust with clients.  More on how Rebalance provides clients with peace of mind. transcript We build trust with our clients first and foremost by listening to them and fully understanding what’s going… Continue reading

What a client should expect from Rebalance

What Should I Expect In My Initial Interview With My Rebalance Advisor?


Mitch Tuchman, Managing Director, describes the initial interview that every client has when they first sit down with their financial advisor.  More on the Rebalance approach to retirement investing. transcript In our initial interview with a client, we’re trying to figure… Continue reading

Why You Should Roll Over Your 401(K) Plan To An IRA

How Do You Stay In Touch With Clients At Rebalance?


Sally Brandon, Vice President of Client Services, shares how to ensure that clients have a clear understanding of how their portfolio is invested. More on how Rebalance keeps fees low. transcript Initially when a client comes on board with Rebalance,… Continue reading

Long-term investment best practices for retirement

Why Is Retirement Investing So Emotional?


Managing Director, Mitch Tuchman explains why retirement investing is so emotional. Continue reading

Financial planning gives you a sense of control over life

What If I Have A 401(K) Plan With My Current Employer?


Sally Brandon, Vice President of Client Services, talks about understanding the right type of investment vehicle for Rebalance clients. Continue reading

How often should I speak to my retirement financial advisor?

Why Did You Co-Found Rebalance?


Scott Puritz, Managing Director, explains why he and Harvard Business School classmate, Mitch Tuchman created Rebalance-IRA. Continue reading