Reconsidering Retirement

  Mitch Tuchman (MBA 1982) was a successful software entrepreneur in the exuberant 1990s when his first son, Jack, was born. A year later, Tuchman’s life changed: He and his wife learned that Jack suffered from severe disabilities that would require lifelong care; and at about the same time, Tuchman sold his company for a… Continue reading

NPR Marketplace June 2017

Rule Protecting Retirement Savings Goes into Effect

Starting June 9, a new rule goes into effect that raises the standards for investment advisers. The Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule, as it’s known, simply says investment managers have to put the best interest of their clients first. “There is a whole segment of the retirement industry who currently only have to adhere to… Continue reading

Rebalance Joins Campaign for Investors

Rebalance Joins John Bogle in ‘Campaign For Investors’

Rebalance Managing Director Scott Puritz joined legendary Vanguard founder John Bogle, and other industry leaders, in the continued fight against unfair retirement investment practices at the recent launch of the groundbreaking initiative ‘Campaign for Investors.’ Continue reading

PBS Nightly Business Report Scott Puritz 60/40 stocks bonds

Scott Puritz Interviewed by PBS Nightly Business Report

Sue Herera of PBS Nightly Business Report interviews Scott Puritz of Rebalance about why the classic 60/40 formula for investing (stocks/bonds) no longer applies and is, in fact, actually dangerous for your retirement savings. Continue reading

High fee retirement investments cost you a third of your savings

Rebalance on NPR’s Morning Edition

Rebalance Managing Director Scott Puritz, and firm client Morra Aarons-Mele, sat down with NPR journalist, John Ydstie, to discuss how Rebalance is transforming retirement investment through its unique combination of world-class financial experts and productivity-enhancing technology. Continue reading

Burt Malkiel on which investment do best over time

PBS Wealthtrack Showcases Rebalance

PBS showcases Rebalance on the award-winning finance show WEALTHTRACK. Host Consuelo Mack sits down with Mitch Tuchman and Professor Burton Malkiel, a key member of the firm’s Investment Committee, to discuss retirement investing best practices. Continue reading

Finding Investment Advice for More Modest Retirement Accounts

Finding Investment Advice For More Modest Retirement Accounts

The New York Time’s Ron Lieber discusses the problem of getting premium investment service without having a premium retirement portfolio. His exploration reveals a gap between high-end institutional-style investing and the high-fee world of actively-managed mutual funds. Rebalance, he concludes, is here to fill that gap. Continue reading