Expert Advice

Client Success Stories

Scott Puritz, Managing Director of Rebalance, shares one of our firm’s  gratifying client success stories.

Scott Puritz: I have a 45-year-old client who’s a single mom, who had a successful career in media. Twelve years ago, she left a secure corporate job to strike out on her own as an entrepreneur and she has been very successful professionally. When she left her employer, she had a 401K rollover that got dumped in to a local brokerage firm. She was not well treated and when she went into the office to figure out what to do with her IRA she wound up leaving the money in cash just out of frustration. She did nothing for the past decade until she learned about Rebalance. I spoke with her, got to know her, and made her feel respected. I developed trust with her and gained a sense of what her requirements were. We were able to put her in a portfolio that was really well matched for her long-term goals and her temperament.

Almost immediately her anxiety level went down, she felt in control and started to trust the process. She consistently sends us positive feedback and now is contributing to her retirement plan on a regular basis in a very disciplined way. It’s a very gratifying story and we have those types of stories every day.