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Why Did You Co-Found Rebalance?


Scott Puritz, Managing Director of Rebalance, explains why he and Harvard classmate, Mitch Tuchman, wanted to start a firm with a better approach to retirement investing.

Scott Puritz: Like a lot of people, I found investing for retirement a very frustrating exercise and I figured if I was having challenges managing my own retirement investments, that other people were probably facing similar challenges. It turns out that, my long-time friend and Harvard Business School co-classmate, Mitch Tuchman, was having the same thoughts.

We decided to create Rebalance, taking advantage of and leveraging some powerful trends occurring in the financial industry including greater sensitivity around low cost, marrying that with powerful technology that has squeezed cost out of the equation, and matching it up with good old-fashioned, high quality advice from very seasoned, well-credentialed, well-trained investment advisors.

We do one thing and one thing only, help people 45 years and older retire and retire with more.