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Demystifying Hidden Fees

Rebalance Senior Financial Advisor Joe Daly talks about the often misunderstood practice of hidden fees employed by big brokerages.

Joe Daly: The fees within the financial markets over the years have always been mystified and hidden and buried. Most of the clients I talk to aren’t aware of how much they’re already paying today and I talk to some sharp accountants, lawyers and the sharpest people you talk about, but when it comes to investing in some of the fees when you can’t see them, you can’t find them, they’re hard to unbundle and uncover. So showing them how much they pay today is eye-opening and one of the hallmarks of our firm is low fees.

There’s no mystery with what you pay with Rebalance. We spell it out in the diagnostic, we spell it out on our website, we spell it out in all documents. You know exactly what you’re paying with us. It happens to be very low. Extremely low, because we utilize index funds and exchange traded funds which have some of the lower expense ratios in the marketplace.

So we help select a portfolio that by itself already starts out with low fees. We add just a very low management fee to help you rebalance that portfolio overtime as it changes, and we’re transparent with the changes we make in the portfolio so there’s no mystery. You’ll know what you pay with Rebalance and 95% of the people today with their current advisors and plans and banks or brokers really have no clue to what they’re paying.