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What Makes Rebalance Different

Team member Joe Daly on what sets Rebalance apart from traditional financial advisory firms.

Joe Daly: Rebalance is different from a “Robo investing” firm in a major way. We have a human interface. While we may deploy some techniques similar in the sense of the way we monitor our investments and balance our investments, the ability to react and having personal relationships, which we do.

Each one of our clients has assigned to them their own registered investment advisor. And that person is kind of their financial sounding board for when in a case the markets go South, people like to chat with somebody. When the markets go North, they all think they’re brilliant. But then they have changes in their life. They have kids, they have 529’s to think about. Or if they’re older, they’ve got Social Security decisions to make.

And it can be an email, it can be a phone call, but just keeping in touch. You know, “Hey Joe, what’s happening in your life, anything changed?” You got divorced, you got married, whatever. Your situation, that’s going to impact your financials and we’re there to help you do that. And I think that’s a key differentiator from the “Robos” wherein you’re trying to talk to a computer screen.