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Meet David Ranney

David Ranney, Vice President of Sales, details how his personal values inform his approach in helping small business owners achieve their investment goals.

David Ranney:
The Jesuit, for those who do not know, are a Catholic order of priests who specialize in education. Both at the high school level and ultra successfully at the college level. They have many mantras, most of which are “do your best”, “always strive for more”, and the biggest most important mantra is “men and women for others”. My dad was a Holy Cross guy. We all got raised as the importance of Holy Cross, not just in sports, but what else that it avail for him. I went to Holy Cross for undergrad, Boston College for grad. I think the Jesuit ideal of “men and women for others”, my wife and I and our kids have tried to live that in our social lives. But it is neat for me in this next stage of my career to really join a firm like Rebalance because it allows me to have deeper conversations with individuals, with business owners, practice firm runners, and become that and help them live better and retire with more. So that is my way of translating “men and women for others” into a retirement wealth advisor.