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Meet Sonja Breeding

Sonja Breeding, Vice President of Investment Advice, shares the importance of having a financial plan.

Sonja Breeding:

I’m Sonja Breeding and I am a certified financial planner here at Rebalance. Having a financial plan reduces a lot of stress in your life. We all live really busy lives. Most people don’t pay attention to their finances, right? It’s not something we focus on in school. A lot of clients come to us with accounts all over the place and they don’t know how to consolidate to reduce that stress in their lives. Once we get all that information, we construct a plan. Clients know where they want to go, they just don’t know how to get there a lot of the times. And so we design a map for them. We figure out, alright, well how much do you need to save in order to retire at that time? How much do you need to save in order to put your kids through XY College? If you remodel the kitchen, do you have to work another year or two? If you want a vacation house, what does that take? And then overall, how are you invested? Are you invested more aggressively? Are you invested more conservatively? So we look at all of those factors in a financial plan and we give you a plan to reduce that stress in your life so that you can concentrate on the other factors in life that are important to you.