Expert Advice

The Rebalance Investment Committee

Mitch Tuchman on how Rebalance brings the investment practices of the best pensions, endowments and foundations to the everyday investors.

Mitch Tuchman: When we started Rebalance, we wanted to bring into play the best practices of the best pensions and endowments and foundations – those investment practices – to every day investors. We thought to ourselves, who are the best guys to do that, who’s the ‘Mick Jagger’ of that business? And luckily we were able to get the top three guys in the industry.

First we have Burt Malkiel. Burt Malkiel wrote a book on index investing, called “A Random Walk Down Wall Street.” It was the seminal work that helped Jack Bogle start Vanguard, of which Burt served on the board for decades. Second we have Charlie Ellis. The gold standard for endowment investing is the Yale endowment. Charlie oversaw that endowment for 10 years as head trustee overseeing a gentleman named David Swanson, who is thought of as the Warren Buffet to that world.

Last is Jay Vivian. Jay Vivian took all of these practices and converted America’s largest corporate pension plan, IBM to index investing. He converted the whole investment of over $100 billion to this method of investing. Jay, Charlie and Burt form our investment committee and they are deeply engaged with our company.

We meet regularly to create, maintain, and reevaluate our portfolios, so our clients, every day investors in America, are getting the expertise of the rock stars from this world brought right down to their investment portfolios.