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What Type Of Investor Can Benefit Most From Working With Rebalance?

Mitch Tuchman, Managing Director, describes the type of investor that can benefit most from Rebalance.

Mitch Tuchman: The type of investor that can benefit most from Rebalance is kind of special investor. First of all he or she is over 45 and they’ve reached this “aha” moment in life, where they’ve come up the front end of their career, they’ve looked over the mountain and looked at the back end of their career and they’re remembering 20 years ago what life was like and trying to project what life will be like 20 years forward -retirement, slowing down and not getting up every morning to go conquer the world. That “aha” moment leads to a much more serious view of what it takes to invest.

Second of all, a great client for Rebalance has realized that money and costs matter, that fees matter, and that if I start giving away just 1%, that 1% means 15 to 20% of my returns and I’ve got to pay close attention to the what those fees are.

The third thing that makes a great Rebalance client is someone who’s been through the cycles and been burned before by someone they’ve trusted to manage their money, been burned by themselves, made some mistakes – had too many tech stocks during the ‘dot com’ boom and found that these funds were great before the financial crisis, but weren’t so great anymore. They’ve developed a bit of skepticism and they’ve decided to trust a process, instead of a person or maybe even a company. Those are great clients for us because I think our process is superior and our fees are as low as you can get for the kind of advice we offer.

The people that we focus on, people over 45 with that “aha” moment are perfect clients who really realize that this is a very personal and important part of their life at this point.