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Cash Balance Plan Fact Sheet

A cash balance plan is a qualified (tax-favored) retirement plan that combines the high contribution amounts of a defined benefit plan with the look, feel and portability of a defined contribution plan. For that reason, it’s called a “hybrid” plan.… Continue reading


401(k)/Profit Sharing vs. Cash Balance Plans

401k/Profit Sharing Plan— A 401(k) plan is a tax-advantaged, defined-contribution retirement account offered & sponsored by most employers to their employees. Workers can make contributions to their 401(k) accounts through an automatic payroll withholding.  Matching is optional, but often offered &… Continue reading


Most Common 401(k) Violations

Despite all the work that goes into setting up a 401(k) plan, what many trustees don’t know is just how little it takes to lose your plan’s tax-qualified status. Think about your 401(k) plan management process for a minute. If… Continue reading


Your Role as a Fiduciary

Offering a retirement plan can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, decisions an employer can make. The employees participating in the plan, their beneficiaries, and the employer benefit when a retirement plan is in place. Administering a plan… Continue reading


The Better K Advantage

Why choose Better K over other plans? Because we tackle each area of retirement plan optimization (and do so with lower fees than many of our competitors). If you’d like to read more about how Better K by Rebalance can… Continue reading