Small-business 401(k) plans face a lot of specific issues and challenges that don’t necessarily impact larger retirement plans. Check out David Ranney’s interview with the 401(k) Specialist below.



This week we’re focusing squarely on some hot-button issues specifically related to small 401(k) plans, and to help us do that we’re joined by an expert in the field, David Ranney, who joined the team at small-biz 401(k) specialist Rebalance a few months back after spending more than two decades at Fidelity Investments. There he led the workplace investing team in a variety of managerial roles, including Vice President of Sales.

A VP of Sales at Rebalance, which features the proprietary small-biz 401(k) offering, “Better K,” David helps small business owners learn how to detect and avoid high fees, how to optimize asset allocation, increase plan participation and take advantage of retirement planning resources.

In today’s podcast, he shares insights about the five major issues he’s identified with small 401(k)s and why it’s important to face them head-on.