Inheritance: Navigating the Complexities

Christie Whitney CFP®, Vice President of Investment Advice at Rebalance, offers her insights in a podcast interview on the complexities of an inheritance.

There is no question that inheritance is a popular topic. With this major life event, most people inherit funds unexpectedly, after a personal loss, and they are left with a flurry of emotions and confusion regarding what to do with this newfound money that could potentially be life-changing.

Rebalance’s Vice President of Investment Advice and Director of Financial Planning, Christie Whitney, CFP ®, provided excellent advice on this topic in a recent podcast featured in the INVEST IN WOMEN series, titled: Inheritance: Navigating the Complexities. As someone who often works with people who inherit money, Christie has deep expertise with this subject.

Listen in as Christie discusses the emotional and financial aspects of receiving an inheritance and the next steps to take, by clicking here: