Investment Committee

The industry’s brightest minds.

Rebalance puts some of the brightest minds in the investment industry to work for you. Burt Malkiel, Charley Ellis, Jay Vivian and Kristi Craig make up our Investment Committee and their world-renowned financial expertise informs every Rebalance portfolio we offer.

Burt Malkiel

A prolific author and highly respected voice in the investment industry, Dr. Burton G. Malkiel has written hundreds of scholarly articles and opinions, including the investment classic, A Random Walk Down Wall Street. Throughout Burt’s career, there has been one unwavering constant: his passionate belief that the power of low-cost, diversified, and well-balanced index-based investing should be available to all American families. It is this passion that
makes him a part of our team today.

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Charley Ellis

Dr. Charles D. Ellis has served on the governing boards of both Harvard and Yale business schools as well as the Board of Directors of America’s largest fund company, The Vanguard Group. In his best-selling books Winning the Loser’s Game, and The Elements of Investing, Ellis helps guide individuals and families toward financial security through the use of low-cost, highly diversified passive investing—all core elements of the Rebalance investment philosophy.

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Jay Vivian

As the former Managing Director of IBM’s Retirement Funds, Jay Vivian knows how to help people retire with more. Treasury & Risk magazine showcased Mr. Vivian among the “100 Most Influential People in Finance,” and in 2010, Plan Sponsor gave him its Lifetime Achievement Award. Given his wealth of knowledge and experience managing retirement assets, it comes as no surprise that Jay is a member of our Investment Committee at Rebalance. 

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