The Exact Age When You Make Your Best Financial Decisions

Believe it or not, there is a magic age for making the best financial decisions of your life. You may or may not be surprised what this age is. Read this excellent Wall Street Journal article to discover the magic… Continue reading


Yes, There Are Alternatives to Stocks

Curious about where to invest your cash? New York Times columnist Jeff Sommer outlines how money market accounts and bonds have risen to the top as compelling investment options. Yes, There Are Alternatives to Stocks At the moment, money market… Continue reading

More Americans own stocks. This is great for their financial future.

More Americans own stocks. This is great for their financial future.

For the first time since the stock market crash of 2008, consumer confidence with the stock market has returned. According to legendary Washington Post columnist, Michelle Singletary, investors have had a bumpy ride over the past decade. In the process,… Continue reading

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A New Option for Moving Retirement Savings When Switching Jobs

If you have a workplace 401(k) and you are changing jobs, there is good news. Several new solutions can facilitate transferring workplace retirement accounts to a new job. Source: The New York Times Published Feb. 10, 2023. A New Option… Continue reading

estate planning can help maintain generational wealth

Who Needs an Estate Plan? Maybe You


More than 60% of Americans don’t have a will, much less a full-blown estate plan. It’s understandable. It can feel morbid to think about what happens after you die.  Yet many of those same people have life insurance, precisely to… Continue reading

3 Tricky Income Scenarios Widows Face When It Comes to Social Security

3 Income Scenarios Widows Face with Social Security


It is incredibly hard to lose a lifelong spouse, and the weeks following a funeral are undeniably tough for the surviving partner.  Yet that’s exactly when many recently widowed people are expected to make consequential decisions about their finances, choices… Continue reading

Nest Eggs in Buckets

How to Build a Retirement Paycheck


Most people entering retirement naturally would prefer to continue to collect a paycheck, much like when they worked for a living.  That regular income is likely to come from Social Security, a pension if you have one, as well as… Continue reading

Man and woman reviewing their retirement plan

5 Ways You Could Go Broke in Retirement


The decision to go from working to fully retired is a big one, potentially fraught with uncertainty. And the last thing anyone wants is to go broke in retirement. After all, you have to go from making, spending, and saving… Continue reading

A woman wondering if she has saved enough for retirement

Have I Saved Enough for Retirement Yet?


For many folks, retirement planning comes down to their personal “number,” the savings level at which you can leave work behind and relax in a folding chair on a beach. That milestone number for many of us seems to be… Continue reading