Avoid Holiday Spending Blues With These Expert Tips 


Overspending can be as much a part of the holidays as latkes and caroling. While it’s easy to say “make a budget” there are ways to simplify the process and stay on track. First, go ahead and make that budget,… Continue reading


Thinking of a Move? Here’s What to Consider


Does living, working, and playing at home during the pandemic have you feeling antsy to upgrade your space? In his recent column for the New York Times, Ron Lieber outlines which considerations you should address carefully when making this life… Continue reading


The Importance of Funding Your Child’s 529 During Stock Market Unrest


While we grapple with uncertain times and stock market volatility, Washington Post contributor Michelle Singletary advises that one thing remain steady: contributions to your child’s education fund. Find out the importance of regular 529 contributions, even during an uneasy economic… Continue reading


A Valentine’s Day Gift That Keeps Giving — Spousal IRAs


In this article for MarketWatch, Senior Director for Retirement and Investor Research at the Investment Company Institute Sarah Holden explores the benefits of a spousal IRA and reminds readers that it’s not too late to make the contribution count for… Continue reading


Inheritance? Here’s Why Not to Pay Off Your Mortgage


We all know the stories of famous athletes who go broke. And then there is the infamous “lottery curse,” where winners end up bankrupt a few short years after hitting the jackpot. Most folks think that they’re smarter than that.… Continue reading


5 Smart Investment Moves for Entrepreneurs


In light of National Entrepreneurs’ Day recently, we at Rebalance salute all entrepreneurs for their innovation, creativity and hard work.  For those who are self-employed, consider the following  must-do investment moves. In this Entrepreneur Magazine article, contributor John Boitnott recommends… Continue reading


How to Rescue a Ghosted 401(k)


Our very own Sally Brandon, Senior Vice President of Client Service and Advice, tells U.S. News & World Report how rolling it over into an individual retirement account (IRA) can provide tax benefits and boost your retirement savings. 7 Best… Continue reading

women investing

Women can — and should — take charge of their personal finances


In her column for the Washington Post, Michelle Singletary regularly calls on women to take charge of their finances. And she has a valid point in doing so. Women are statistically going to be the sole money manager of their… Continue reading

401k retirement

The Basics of 401(k) Retirement Planning


The history of the most common American retirement plan — the workplace 401(k) — is long, but the essential idea is simple. Save money today and lower your current income taxes. Put in pre-tax money while you are working and… Continue reading

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