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Woman riding a unicycle that has a coin as the wheel, balancing on a tight rope

The Tricky Math of Retiring Into a Downturn

Retiring can be a very stressful stage for many people. Daily routines, life purpose, and long-term goals, all come to an inflection point at once. The recent downturn in the financial markets has added an extra layer of unknowns to… Continue reading

Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volcker (top right) and President Richard Nixon (bottom right) with scenes of inflation from the 1940s and ‘70s. BEN KOTHE FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.

How Previous Generations Handled Inflation Crises

The great late Maya Angelou famously said when speaking about important lessons from the past: “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”  Even though, she was not referring to inflation,… Continue reading

President Reagan meets with Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker in the Oval Office, July 16, 1981. PHOTO: BETTMANN ARCHIVE/GETTY IMAGES

Lessons From the Great Inflation of 1973-81

Former Federal Reserve Chairman, Paul Volcker, will be remembered for many policy decisions that still outlive his tenure. More specifically, the lessons learned from his handling of the Great Inflation of 1973-81 will be amongst the most relevant. As we… Continue reading

By Jackson Gibbs

Downturn on the Horizon? An illustration by the New York Times

In the last few months, the conversation about recession has dominated not only the media circles, economic think tanks, and dining room tables, but also has made its way into the creative world of cartoon artists. I found the digital… Continue reading

2021 embossed in a brick wall. A dollar sign foil balloon floating in front.

Last Year’s Recovery Was Good. Why Do We Feel Insecure Now?

If 2021 felt like the year that everything fell apart, well, you’re not alone in that reaction. In the following detailed analysis, senior economics writer Neil Irwin of The New York Times does a masterful job of explaining the shifting… Continue reading

carton of gold eggs falling. The carton says 4% Rule Nest Eggs on it.

The 4% Retirement Rule May Not Work Anymore!

Rising inflationary pressures are wreaking havoc with the longtime 4% retirement spending rule. This classic financial planning shortcut is under pressure. Check out this compelling analysis from The Wall Street Journal. Rising inflation today may suggest that the 4% rule… Continue reading