Jay Vivian: “Rebalance Frequency”

There’s no real right answer as to how often an individual investor should rebalance back to their target weights or their target mix. There’s research that says that every three months or every six months is probably right. Some people… Continue reading


Charles Ellis: “Why I Joined Rebalance”

There are two reasons for joining the board at Rebalance. One was anger and one was love. The anger part is: it really bothers me that normal, everyday investors, real people, the people that I meet all the time need… Continue reading


Professor Burton Malkiel: “Why I Joined Rebalance”

“Everything that I believe in” I joined Rebalance because what it does is everything that I believe in. It believes in broad diversification. That’s just something I have believed in all of my life. It believes in low expenses. And low… Continue reading

Burton Malkiel, Charles Ellis and Jay Vivian Join Rebalance Investment Committee

Burton Malkiel, Charles Ellis and Jay Vivian Join Rebalance Investment Committee

Finance luminaries bring “Big League” investment management to everyday investors. Three important and respected investment “rock stars” — Burton Malkiel, Charles Ellis and Jay Vivian — have joined Rebalance’s Investment Committee. Continue reading

Investment Management Fees Are (Much) Higher Than You Think

Investment Management Fees Are (Much) Higher Than You Think

In this ground-breaking journal article, our own Charley Ellis posits that investment fees should be viewed as a percentage of incremental returns above the market, not as a percentage of your total assets. Continue reading

Liability driven investing explained by Jay Vivian of IBM retirement funds

Pearls Of Wisdom

By now, the basics of pension liability-driven investing (LDI) are pretty well understood: There’s downside risk because assets might go down, but even more if liability discount rates go down. Continue reading

Read The Elements of Investing by Charley Ellis

The Elements Of Investing

Authors Charles Ellis and Burton Malkiel, two of the investment world’s greatest thinkers, have combined their talents to produce The Elements of Investing—a short, straight-talking book about investing and saving that will put you on a path towards a lifetime of financial success.
Continue reading

Charley Ellis explains investing in the Financial Analysts Journal

The Winners’ Game

“Our profession’s clients and practitioners would all benefit if we devoted less energy to attempting to “win” the loser’s game of beating the market and more skill, knowledge, and time to helping clients recognize market realities…clarify their realistic objectives and then stay the course that is best for each of them.”
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How the wealthy manage their money

Wealth Management: Private Pursuits

“The biggest threat to incumbents comes from outside the banking sector, where hungry innovators, like MarketRiders, are trying to cut the cost of wealth management.” Continue reading