We all like the idea of giving back, especially when we feel grateful for the opportunities afforded us in life.

That charitable impulse is powerful, and it is an impulse that can be amplified by harnessing simple, proven planning tools. 

Colby Bircher, of Fidelity Charitable, will present and answer your questions on specific strategies toward pursuing your charitable goals while increasing the impact of your dollars over time.

What You’ll Learn

In this information-filled hour you will learn:

  • Effective charitable planning strategies for every budget and family goal
  • The differences among top charitable vehicles, the tax implications, and how to implement them well
  • Tips for “giving while living” or as part of an estate plan
  • Educational resources to help you identify effective, well-run organizations focused on your personal charitable interests

Join us and start your family on a rewarding journey toward philanthropic giving.

Webinar Info

This event occurred on Wednesday, October 19th at 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

Below is a recording of the webinar, and the presentation slides can be found here: Rebalance – Charitable Giving Essentials


Event Speakers

Colby Bircher is a Vice President and Charitable Planning Consultant at Fidelity Charitable®, an independent public charity that has helped donors support more than 357,000 nonprofit organizations with $61 billion in grants. The mission of Fidelity Charitable® is to grow the American tradition of philanthropy by providing programs that make charitable giving accessible, simple, and effective. Mrs. Bircher assumed her current role in 2017.

Sonja is a Certified Financial Planner™ who brings nearly twenty years of wealth management experience to Rebalance. In her role as a Vice President of Investment Advice, Sonja provides our clients with the guidance they need to live well and retire with more.

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