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Professor Burton Malkiel — Our Giant


Tenacity, unwavering faith and an intelligence rooted in academia. All descriptors of one man, who held a steadfast conviction about the best way to invest and kept his philosophies and ideas afloat for over a decade, when others publicly called… Continue reading


How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Theft


Cyber theft is a serious global issue that affects all industries and people. In recent years, as new apps and programs have evolved, this has become even more prevalent, especially within the financial services world. There are a variety of… Continue reading


Understanding Equity Compensation


The term equity compensation is a fancy way of saying that an employee receives some form of ownership (also known as equity) in their company as a part of their payment and benefits (i.e., the compensation package). Typically, this will be just one component of… Continue reading

The Rebalance Team is Driving Investing Literacy Across the U.S.

The Rebalance Team is Improving Investing Literacy Across the U.S.


In February the Rebalance team was able to illustrate our dedication to enhancing investing literacy throughout the United States. As thought leaders in the financial services industry, it is our mission to provide education to individuals and small businesses alike.… Continue reading


What You Need to Know for the 2023 Tax Season


The 2023 tax season has evolved back to pre-pandemic times, sans any stimulus payments and pandemic tax breaks. The maximum amount that one can save in workplace retirement accounts has gone up… and tax brackets have changed. See below for… Continue reading

With tax-loss harvesting, investors can use stock losses they incurred this year to offset realized capital gains. ILLUSTRATION: MIKEL JASO

Year-End Tax Moves That Investors Should Consider

Smart financial investors don’t just think about stock market gains and losses. They also look for ways to balance their investment accounts in order to minimize the taxes they must pay. After all, more money in your account is more… Continue reading


Creating Your Ethical Will – Redefining Legacy

What is money, if not the means to secure a better, more fulfilling life? And how will you communicate to your heirs the importance of your carefully assembled resources?   Legacy is about more than cash and property. It’s the transmission… Continue reading

Power of Donor Advised Funds

Should I Start a Donor-Advised Fund?


It seems like everyone these days has started a foundation. There’s a reason for that. It’s easier than ever to create one and there are many incentives to go down that path, even with smaller amounts of money. The reason… Continue reading


Charitable Planning Essentials – A Smarter Way to Give

We all like the idea of giving back, especially when we feel grateful for the opportunities afforded us in life. That charitable impulse is powerful, and it is an impulse that can be amplified by harnessing simple, proven planning tools. … Continue reading