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A retired couple enjoying the sunset while on a boat

Make Sure Your Money Lasts Through Retirement


Thousands of people retire every day, either stepping away from long-term careers or downshifting into either full retirement, a second act that pays less, perhaps a fledgling business idea, or a passion project that pays nothing at all. Retirement is… Continue reading

Nest Eggs in Buckets

How to Build a Retirement Paycheck


Most people entering retirement naturally would prefer to continue to collect a paycheck, much like when they worked for a living.  That regular income is likely to come from Social Security, a pension if you have one, as well as… Continue reading

Man and woman reviewing their retirement plan

5 Ways You Could Go Broke in Retirement


The decision to go from working to fully retired is a big one, potentially fraught with uncertainty. And the last thing anyone wants is to go broke in retirement. After all, you have to go from making, spending, and saving… Continue reading

Deciding when to retire during inflation can be scary

Help! I’m About to Retire and Inflation Scares Me


Picking a date to retire is a big decision, even in the best of times. What does one do in an environment of rapidly rising inflationary pressures? After all, being retired means living on an income that is likely to… Continue reading

A woman wondering if she has saved enough for retirement

Have I Saved Enough for Retirement Yet?


For many folks, retirement planning comes down to their personal “number,” the savings level at which you can leave work behind and relax in a folding chair on a beach. That milestone number for many of us seems to be… Continue reading

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Six Steps to Building an Effective Financial Plan


A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline, as the saying goes. So what does your dream of retirement life look like, and I mean really look like? Making a commitment to your retirement goals requires getting… Continue reading

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5 Practical Steps Toward a Secure Retirement


Back in 2006, a couple of U.S. Senators took it upon themselves to create a national retirement security awareness week, set for the third week in October. As you can imagine, the intervening twists and turns in the stock market… Continue reading

next chapter; retirement planning; longevity

What’s Your Next Chapter? The Time To Plan For It Is Now


Many people, prompted to think about how long they might stay at work, fall back on statistics they hear in the media. You know, the ideal retirement age is 65, maybe a few years more, tops. The thing is, that… Continue reading


How to Use a 529 Plan to Finance Your Kid’s College Costs


You may have heard about a type of tax-advantaged college savings plan known as a 529 plan. Similar to an IRA or 401(k), money put into a 529 is “qualified,” meaning it grows tax-free and can be used tax-free in… Continue reading