Professor Charles D. Ellis of the Rebalance Investment Committee on why investors should choose Rebalance. More tips from experienced retirement pros.


Rebalance has got a very simple proposition. If you’re $100 million, $50 million, $10 million, you probably can get some very fancy service on your own. If you’re half a million dollars, quarter of a million dollars, $100,000 you can’t get good service from anybody unless you pay an outrageous high fee.

So can you find a way to take advantage of technology today to bring low-cost, sensible investing to anybody who would like to be a sensible investor? And it’s a terrific, straightforward, plain vanilla — variety, I mean, there’s chocolate and strawberry and vanilla — but plain service with some pretty bright guys paying attention to what sort of investing would be the least wrong and the most right. And I emphasize the risk avoidance more than the return enhancement.

And if you do the right sorts of things over a period of time you come out very far ahead of where you would go if you just went random.

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