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Are index funds doomed?

Is Indexing Doomed? Not If History Is Any Guide


Meme stocks. Cryptocurrency. Non-fungible tokens. Flashy and controversial trends in investing tend to get the headlines. So be it. Still, the likelihood is that simple, quiet index investing will only grow in popularity. Why? Because inertia is a powerful force… Continue reading


Put Money On Tom Brady’s Bucs? Want To Try Your Hand At Investing Now?


The Super Bowl is behind us. I’d bet not many people expected Tom Brady’s Bucs to deliver the thrashing they ultimately visited upon Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs. It was more than a little unnerving to watch a talented but terrified… Continue reading


Vegas In Your Palm: Avoid The Robinhood Trading Trap


One of the more successful tech startups on Wall Street these days is Robinhood, a phone app that allows inexperienced investors to jump into stock trading. The come-on is that the trades are free. Naturally, there is no free lunch… Continue reading


Warren Buffett’s Latest Advice Could Help You Retire Much Richer


Warren Buffett, the iconic billionaire investor and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, recently released his latest letter to shareholders. You probably didn’t hear a lot about it, not least of all because the stock market has been generating plenty of news on… Continue reading


5 Ways Investors Can Stay Calm As Coronavirus Fears Worry Markets


The coronavirus pandemic has led to significant short-term volatility in the financial markets. In an effort to help Rebalance clients make the best possible decisions about their portfolios, Rebalance Chief Investment Office Mitch Tuchman recently led a live presentation on… Continue reading


Fidelity Investments Announces the Elimination of Trading Commissions


Fidelity Investments announced today the elimination of commission fees for online trading of stocks, options and ETFs. In this piece for The Wall Street Journal, journalist Justin Baer reports on this announcement after Schwab announced a similar strategy last week.… Continue reading

Charles Schwab blog

Zero Trading Commission Fees Is A Huge Win For Investors


Schwab announced on Tuesday the elimination of commission fees. Customers can now trade stocks and exchange-traded funds for free. This development marks a significant day in Wall Street history. With the elimination of trading commission fees, it seems the retirement… Continue reading


Rebalance Clients Remain Unaffected While Consolidation of Wealth Advisory Firms Sweeps Through the Industry


In this piece for The New York Times, journalist Paul Sullivan reports on the current consolidation trend that is impacting wealth advisory firms nationwide and ultimately how this development impacts clients. Wealth Advisory Firms Are Merging, but What’s in It… Continue reading

John Bogle

Build A Statue For John Bogle? Here’s A Better Idea


My partner, Mitch Tuchman, wrote a lovely tribute to the late John Bogle for MarketWatch. It captures Bogle’s essential goodness and the mission that drove him his entire life: helping everyday people retire with more by dramatically lowering the cost… Continue reading