By Jackson Gibbs

In the last few months, the conversation about recession has dominated not only the media circles, economic think tanks, and dining room tables, but also has made its way into the creative world of cartoon artists. I found the digital and printed version of this New York Times piece to be precisely on point because it highlights, in an easily understood way, two important characteristics of recessions: one, recessions are part of life, literally. Economic cycles are normal and expected and your financial planning should include them in its forecast. And two, the sun will shine again, as always, is the long-term trends that matter, so looking back at the historical behaviors of the financial markets can help plan for the future.

You can find the original location of this curated illustration here: A Recession Alarm Is Ringing on Wall Street

Source: New York Times, July 24th,2022, Jackson Gibbs (Illustrator)

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