What Investors Should Know About Money-Market Funds and CDs

Investors should consider using cash-equivalent investments, such as money market funds or CDs, to make sure that your idle cash is generating attractive short-term gains. Source: The Wall Street Journal May 6, 2023. What Investors Should Know About Money-Market Funds… Continue reading

With the Odds on Their Side, They Still Couldn’t Beat the Market

With the Odds on Their Side, They Still Couldn’t Beat the Market

The Rebalance tried-and-true adage remains the same, echoed by this NYTs columnist: it is nearly impossible to beat the stock market. The most prudent long-term investing strategy is to “own” the entire stock market through low-cost, broad exposure index funds.… Continue reading


The 60-40 Investment Strategy Is Back After Tanking Last Year

With the perspective of time, the calls for the death of the 60%/40% investment strategy came too soon. The click-bait articles of 2022 did not deter the Rebalance long-term investors. Source: The Wall Street Journal April 12, 2023. The 60-40… Continue reading


A Question About Your Money: Has Anything Truly Changed This Week?

With recent global financial turmoil, what should investors do? NYTs columnist Ron Lieber and Rebalance share the same strategy: “embrace inaction.” Source: The New York Times March 18, 2023. A Question About Your Money: Has Anything Truly Changed This Week?… Continue reading


Many Banks Pay High Rates on Savings. So Why Aren’t You Moving Your Money?

If you are keeping a good amount of spare cash in a basic savings account at a big bank, you are missing out. After paying paltry rates for years, short-term interest rates have risen dramatically, and moving your money could… Continue reading


What You Need to Know for the 2023 Tax Season


The 2023 tax season has evolved back to pre-pandemic times, sans any stimulus payments and pandemic tax breaks. The maximum amount that one can save in workplace retirement accounts has gone up… and tax brackets have changed. See below for… Continue reading

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Value Stocks? Growth Stocks? Markets Last Year Turned Everything Topsy-Turvy.

Stocks have been topsy-turvy over the past year; this NYT article outlines an investment strategy to avoid volatility pitfalls. Check out the last four paragraphs of this article to see how their recommendations match the Rebalance investment philosophy. Source: The… Continue reading


May I Speak to a Human, Please?

There is no question that having a personal connection to a financial adviser is invaluable, especially during market volatility. Robo-advisers may soon fall extinct, replaced by hybrid models that include the human, personal touch that so many investors crave today.… Continue reading


‘Green’ Funds Cost Three Times More Than You Think

When it comes to the latest investing trend, ESG funds, there is not much that differentiates them from index funds. You might be surprised to know that ESG funds have considerably higher fees – up to three times more expensive.… Continue reading