fantasy football is not an investment strategy

An NFL Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Is Not An Investment Strategy


As summer winds down many of us are heartened by the promise of crisp autumn air, pumpkin spice coffee drinks, and the weekly showdowns of NFL football giants. Amazingly, alongside the absolutely enormous revenue machine that is pro football, a… Continue reading

next chapter; retirement planning; longevity

What’s Your Next Chapter? The Time To Plan For It Is Now


Many people, prompted to think about how long they might stay at work, fall back on statistics they hear in the media. You know, the ideal retirement age is 65, maybe a few years more, tops. The thing is, that… Continue reading


Is Your 401(k) Truly Competitive? Benchmark To Find Out


Assets in the top 401(k) plans exceeded $1 trillion in the past year and participation rates stayed steady at 81 percent, according to a new report from retirement industry tracker Judy Diamond. Finance, tax and insurance providers led the list… Continue reading


An Appreciation of Yale’s Star Investment Chief, David Swensen


The lives of financial titans can seem otherworldly, replete with the trinkets of absurd wealth that come from commanding personal billions. Then there’s David Swensen, the one-time Wall Streeter who passed up all that and instead focused on something larger… Continue reading


The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever


Not long ago, I received an unexpected early Father’s Day gift from my older daughter when she returned home for a long weekend visit with mom and dad. Since graduating from college Alyssa had been living in the Chicago area,… Continue reading


Inflationary Trends: Should We Be Afraid?


Will inflation be a real problem in the coming years, or a short-term blip that settles down quickly into steady economic growth? That is the debate among economists and policymakers of all stripes, as recounted by Neil Irwin in this… Continue reading


Reflation Risk (And Why Goldman Sachs Says We Will Be Ok)


Reflation Risk According to Goldman Sachs With fiscal stimulus and accommodative monetary policy buoying the U.S. economic recovery, prominent economists from former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers to former IMF Chief Economist Olivier Blanchard have raised concerns that the U.S. economy… Continue reading


Survey: Most Americans Have No Clue What Their Retirement Plan Costs


Do you know — really know — what you pay for your retirement plan? If you do, consider yourself in the minority. A recent Rebalance poll found that more than half of Americans (57%) believe they pay “no fees” or… Continue reading


Clueless About 2020, Wall Street Forecasters Are at It Again for 2021


If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the unpredictable can (and will) happen. It may be a new year, but Rebalance’s advice stays true- you can not predict the stock market (no matter the year). In his recent column for… Continue reading

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