ukraine war and your portfolio

The Ukraine War and Your Portfolio


“Never bet on the end of the world, it only happens once and the odds are long.” — Unknown  “The way to make money in the market is not by timing the market but by your time in the market.” — Unknown … Continue reading


For Investors: Short-Term Rattle, Long-Term Recovery


The terrible destruction and demoralizing carnage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has transfixed the world. Many, even in Ukraine itself, doubted that an invasion would come. Now, no one knows when or how it will end. Swiftly-moving world events… Continue reading

2021 embossed in a brick wall. A dollar sign foil balloon floating in front.

Last Year’s Recovery Was Good. Why Do We Feel Insecure Now?


If 2021 felt like the year that everything fell apart, well, you’re not alone in that reaction. In the following detailed analysis, senior economics writer Neil Irwin of The New York Times does a masterful job of explaining the shifting… Continue reading


Recent Rise in Inflation: Temporary or Permanent?


How each generation invests is a fascinating topic.  For instance, the generation that grew up in the Great Depression is known for over-the-top frugality. What people today might call “life hacks” often are nothing more than the way great-grandma and… Continue reading

carton of gold eggs falling. The carton says 4% Rule Nest Eggs on it.

The 4% Retirement Rule May Not Work Anymore!


Rising inflationary pressures are wreaking havoc with the longtime 4% retirement spending rule. This classic financial planning shortcut is under pressure. Check out this compelling analysis from The Wall Street Journal. Rising inflation today may suggest that the 4% rule… Continue reading

Trillions Book Review

Burton Malkiel’s Compelling Book Review of ‘Trillions’


Big investment funds have a public face, a famous money manager who is constantly “talking up his fund” on financial television shows. By contrast, index fund investing is hard to comprehend. The Financial Times journalist Robin Wigglesworth got curious about… Continue reading

Are index funds doomed?

Is Indexing Doomed? Not If History Is Any Guide


Meme stocks. Cryptocurrency. Non-fungible tokens. Flashy and controversial trends in investing tend to get the headlines. So be it. Still, the likelihood is that simple, quiet index investing will only grow in popularity. Why? Because inertia is a powerful force… Continue reading

Rebalance Tops $1 Billion

$1 Billion Dollars Is Just the Starting Point


My firm, Rebalance, recently celebrated a milestone — $1 billion in assets under management. It is an easy figure to misunderstand. The firm is not “bigger” or “more important” than a few years ago. What has changed is that an… Continue reading

Stick to the boring strategy

Buying Stocks On Your Phone? Do This Instead…


Less is more, especially when it comes to long-term investing. That’s the conclusion reached by millennial finance influencer Helen Lu, who recently told her followers to stop trading stocks on their phones and instead buy “boring” low-cost index funds. Hear,… Continue reading