More Munger

Charlie Munger, the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, left a significant legacy when he passed away last November, just shy of his 100th birthday. Charlie Munger, along with Warren Buffett, have always invested with the long-term in mind and advocated for investing practices that align with the Rebalance approach. You may want to check out… Continue reading


Upsets Belong in Your March Madness Bracket – Not Your Stock Portfolio


Hope springs eternal, especially in March. Like many firms, ours runs an informal NCAA basketball tournament pool for our employees. It is fun. This time of year, the NCAA Basketball Tournaments thrill fans and create so much interest that it is estimated one in four Americans fills out a bracket to predict who will win… Continue reading


The Psychologist Who Turned the Investing World on Its Head

Last week, the investing world lost a giant – Daniel Kahneman. A psychologist at Princeton University and winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, Kahneman may well have had more influence on investing than anyone else who was not a professional investor. Jason Zweig wrote a lovely tribute to Kahneman in his WSJ column. Check… Continue reading


Index Funds Overtake Active Funds In Major Milestone

A 48-year-old major milestone has been reached: in 2023, mutual and exchange traded index funds in the United States overtook their actively managed counterparts. Index Funds Overtake Active Funds In Major Milestone by Miriam Rozen, January 31, 2024 By a margin of $8 billion, the investment industry reached a 48-years-in-the-making milestone at the end of 2023: Passive… Continue reading


All Money-Market Funds Have the Same Yield, Right? Not Even Close

Uncover the hidden disparities in money-market funds’ returns and the impact of selecting the right fund amidst changing market conditions and fee structures, as explored by Derek Horstmeyer in this Wall Street Journal article. All Money-Market Funds Have the Same Yield, Right? Not Even Close by Derek Horstmeyer, February 2, 2024   Money-market mutual funds… Continue reading


If You Hate Investment Risk, High Interest Rates Are Great. With a Catch.

New York Times columnist Jeff Sommer makes a case that investors who play it too safe with their market portfolios may end up feeling sorry. By Jeff Sommer, December 8, 2023 “All investments involve taking on risk.” That’s a standard Securities and Exchange Commission warning. Be careful. But be aware that unless you take on… Continue reading


Your Money Needs to Go on a Vacation

According to the Wall Street Journal, it is important for American investors to avoid “home-country bias.” If foreign markets are ignored, returns could be crimped and volatility increased. Read this compelling article below. Your Money Needs to Go on a Vacation By ignoring foreign markets, American savers could crimp future returns and face more volatility… Continue reading


Professor Burton Malkiel — Our Giant


Tenacity, unwavering faith and an intelligence rooted in academia. All descriptors of one man, who held a steadfast conviction about the best way to invest and kept his philosophies and ideas afloat for over a decade, when others publicly called these ideas “garbage.” Who is this man? Professor Burton G. Malkiel, the father of index… Continue reading


Letter to a Young Crypto Enthusiast (or the Merely Curious)

While Rebalance does not consider cryptocurrencies to be a credible investment asset class, it is useful to keep abreast of investing trends. New York Times columnist Ron Leiber does a terrific job of explaining the cryptocurrency landscape. Letter to a Young Crypto Enthusiast (or the Merely Curious) An ever-growing number of young people, males in… Continue reading