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Client Success Stories

Mitch Tuchman, Managing Director of Rebalance, shares one of his favorite client success stories.

Mitch Tuchman: One of my favorite stories about a client that we were able to really help and really change the course of her life is Julie.

Julie lives in Manhattan and her husband had passed away. After her husband passed away, she was left with an amount of money that really was on the cusp of being able to take care of her or not take care of her. She was panicked, and was seeking all kinds of advice and she called us. She was calling all the big brokers and it was clear to me that if Julie did not invest our way, that she wouldn’t make it – that in 20 years when she was in her mid-80s, that life would not be the same if we hadn’t intervened. And so really it was a matter of making sure Julie could trust us and could she trust the advice that we were giving her.

This is one of my favorite stories. We were able to take all the fees out of her accounts, save her tens of thousands of dollars a year and keep her on the path towards her retirement goals.