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Who Are The Members Of The Rebalance Investment Committee?

Scott Puritz explains how Rebalance‘s Investment Committee has some of the most distinguished financial experts in the world.

Scott Puritz: We have on the Rebalance investment committee three of the most distinguished investment experts in the world. Together, the three of them have over 150 years of cumulative investing experience. Professor Burton Malkiel from Princeton is a legend in economics and in the investing world. His seminal book “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” really created the intellectual academic foundation for the indexing revolution, which is now 25 years strong, and also Vanguard, where he’s been a long time board member.

In addition, Dr. Charley Ellis is a member of the investment committee, and for over 10 years has also been the chairman of the investment committee for the Yale University Endowment, which is generally recognized as one of the greatest endowments in the world. Finally Jay Vivian is the third member of the investment committee, and for over a decade he ran IBM’s, $150 million pension fund, which is one of the world’s largest in the private sector.