Mitch Tuchman, Managing Director of Rebalance, on taking the stress out of retirement investing. More on what makes Rebalance different.


The mission of Rebalance is very simple — to help people fund their retirement and it’s to help people get on a path to be financially secure or if they’re already financially secure, to make sure that they maintain their financial security.

The reason that that’s our mission, the ‘why’ we do this is very important. We know that when people are not stressed about money, when they’re not worried about this nagging feeling in the back of their mind about if they’ll have enough when they get to retirement, or if they’re doing the right thing now to ensure they’ll have enough, there’s a level of stress that isn’t present in their life and when that level of stress is gone, they’re better people in their lives. They’re freed to give their time to their environments, friends, and communities and we like to be a part of that and that’s very important in why we do what we do.

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