kathleen kalu-anderson

Sometimes in life, if you are lucky, there is a moment when all of the pieces come together–personally and professionally. For me, joining Rebalance has been one of those times when a new challenge and opportunity showed up at just the right moment.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about my personal story. My parents immigrated here from the Philippines in pursuit of greater opportunity. My father worked for the U.S. Postal Service and my mother was a registered nurse. They worked opposite shifts to ensure that my brother, sister and I had constant care. Our babysitters were our older cousins and other extended family members.

As a proud, first-generation Filipino-American, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my parents and the family members who sacrificed to create a stable life for me, my siblings and cousins so that we could pursue our dreams. We’ve now grown up to become nurses, lawyers, grassroots organizers, and user experience designers, among other professions. This is largely thanks to our parents, who came here open-eyed and ambitious, willing to work hard to improve the quality of life for their children.

I try to pay forward this spirit of family and community by looking out for people who might not be getting the kind of care and attention they really need from financial advisors.  I think my unique background helps me provide detailed insight and care into my clients’ financial situations.

Before coming to Rebalance, I worked in client service roles for big, well-known firms, including State Street and Blackrock. You might know them because they create some of the low-cost ETFs we use with our clients at Rebalance.

Later, I worked in a smaller firm, where I served clients directly in the high net worth space as well as in a compliance role. I picked up some financial licenses along the way and learned as much as I could.

My husband and I have a daughter now who is almost two. When I first became a mom, I could not find many examples of working mothers among my friends and peers. I struggled with my desire to continue my career, while also being an engaged mother.

I feel fortunate now that I can still work and that my job offers tremendous flexibility. It is incredibly satisfying to be able to work and grow professionally while still being a present parent and spouse. Combining those parts of my life is both powerful and rewarding.

At Rebalance, I love that I am advising people, touching their lives, and giving them confidence about investing. I’m also proud to work for a company that celebrates working women and parents. Over 75% of my colleagues are women who are simultaneously working and raising families. It is empowering to witness examples of success–both personal and professional– among your colleagues.

While my former jobs were quite different, I believe that my previous experience in compliance has prepared me well. Being aware of the rules and regulations around investing–and how some companies thwart them– is a constant reminder that I am a fiduciary–someone who acts in their clients’ best interests.

It is easy to see how the investment advice I give clients today can impact the quality of their life during retirement. When I talk to clients, I think about what I would say to my own parents if they were in a similar situation. Many of our clients who left brokerage firms describe being talked down to or pressured into buying risky, expensive products that they don’t understand. I focus on patience, education and thoughtful listening. I am not here to confuse or intimidate clients. My job is to help you gain confidence in your financial health.

I take my role as a financial advisor seriously. I have a mission to help my clients succeed, so that they can live comfortably and confidently.


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