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College payment

Your Child Probably Won’t Get a Full Ride to College


It’s a struggle we often have as parents – the lingering thought of “how will I pay for this?” The this will change throughout your child’s life, but one especially daunting expense is college. Whether your kid is barely walking… Continue reading

Mitch Tuchman Grace in 30

The Life Event that Sparked an Investment Revolution


Recently, I sat down with Ed Melick at Grace in 30, a radio broadcast out on WERA-LP Arlington, to discuss the life-changing event that motivated me to cultivate a business centered on better investing. Grace in 30 summarizes my experience thusly:… Continue reading


Back to School: 5 Resources for Financial Education


It’s that time again. The weather is starting to cool, and the long hazy days of summer are winding down as kids (and adults alike) retreat to the classroom. While the back to school focus is typically on children, have… Continue reading

2008 recession

Lessons learned 10 years after the financial crisis


This September marks 10 years since America was hit with a devastating recession that changed the way we approach economics to this day. Michelle Singletary, of The Washington Post, has once again written a very insightful column offering advice and… Continue reading

Female financial advisors

Introducing: The Money Motivation Video Series


Investing can feel challenging and we often just postpone thinking about our savings and investing goals. We hear you! Our Rebalance team wants you to feel comfortable and in-the-know so we are launching a video series where you’ll hear directly… Continue reading


An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Success


This Sunday’s Washington Post shared something I’ve long known…namely that my partners Scott Puritz and Mitch Tuchman are world-class human beings. The Post profiled Scott to share his entrepreneurial spirit and how Rebalance came to be. And what an exciting… Continue reading


The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever


I recently received an unexpected early Father’s Day gift from my older daughter when she returned home for a long weekend visit with Mom & Dad. Since graduating from college Alyssa has been living in the Chicago area, where she… Continue reading

ivy league investing

Wealth Management Secrets That Beat the Ivy League


It turns out that the wealth management secrets of the Ivy League aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. Bill Abt, a former beer company executive, got 6.2% returns on a portfolio he manages for Carthage College in Kenosha, Wis.… Continue reading

Investing q&a

Q & A: What Separates the Wealthy from the Well Off?


During a recent quarterly market review call, we received the following question from a young man at the University of Texas: How much net worth separates the wealthy from the merely well off? It was a great question, albeit one… Continue reading


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