Sally Brandon, Vice President of Client Services, shares how to ensure that clients have a clear understanding of how their portfolio is invested. More on how Rebalance keeps fees low.


Initially when a client comes on board with Rebalance, we’ll reach out to them by phone and talk to them to make sure that first of all, they have a clear understanding of how their portfolio is invested, and to see if they have any questions. We want to make sure they can log in to their custodian and view their portfolio.

Usually after they get their first statement as to how their portfolio is performing, we’ll reach out to them yet again and answer any questions that they might have and also call out certain things on their statement that they would want to know. We’re always available by phone or email should they have any questions, or need access to funds. Most importantly, we sit down and have an annual checkup with our clients, and we make sure that the portfolio we have them in still applies going forward.

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