As a hardworking dental practice owner, you’re plenty busy running your practice. It’s been a long road with taking on business debt, establishing your name, building a team. Every detail must be carefully managed to succeed. And it turns out you’re actually good at that!

So who’s taking the same level of care and diligence around the hard-won fruits of your labor, your retirement savings and the long-term money personally entrusted to you by your staff?

Is it on autopilot? Something set up by your payroll provider without a second thought? Probably. Perhaps it works, but is anybody back there doing things the way you would do them?

Almost certainly not. We’ve identified a crucial set of questions to ask about your retirement plan. Questions a hands-on owner should ask and must ask of every practice partner.

What You’ll Learn

Rebalance, an award-winning fiduciary plan provider, has identified the right questions and developed illuminating answers about difficult retirement plan concerns, including:

  • Is your current 401(k) plan optimized to take advantage of maximum tax savings for the owner and employees?
  • What are you really paying for advice, and who benefits (and who loses)?
  • Who is on the hook, legally, if your 401(k) plan underperforms?
  • If your employees ask questions about investing, who is responsible for educating them?
  • Is it really your job to manage complex investment choices for your staff?

Please attend an important, fact-filled conversation on Sept. 15. Your Rebalance hosts David Ranney and Mitch Tuchman will provide details about these important concerns and clearly explain the best practices that help you correct and even avoid them altogether.

Webinar Info

This event occurred on Thursday, September 15th at 12:30 pm PT / 3:30 pm ET

Below is a recording of the webinar. 

Event Speakers

Mitch Tuchman is a Managing Director at Rebalance and serves as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer. his experience pioneering America’s first online investment advisory service helped him define and codify the investment needs of working Americans. After a successful career as a Silicon Valley software entrepreneur, and later in investment management, Mitch founded the first robo-investment firm, MarketRiders, in 2008. By 2012, Mitch was aware that robo-investing needed a “human touch,” and he partnered with Scott Puritz to form Rebalance.

As Vice President of Sales at Rebalance, David partners with small businesses across many industries throughout the country. He believes in the Jesuit ideal of “men and women for others.” He educates small businesses about how to avoid high 401(k) fees, how to optimize asset allocation, how to increase plan participation, and how to utilize retirement planning. The net result is higher employee satisfaction and greater employee retention. Prior to joining Rebalance, he spent more than two decades at Fidelity, driving innovation in workplace retirement investing.

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