Being 20-something is a gift for retirement planning. Here’s why.

Tips for convincing your 20-something child or grandchild to start saving for retirement now. Read Washington Post Columnist Michelle Singletary’s 5 reasons to start saving in one’s 20s. Being 20-something is a gift for retirement planning. Here’s why Five reasons… Continue reading


An Inheritance With Strings Attached

Have you recently received an inheritance? Avoid hefty tax bills that can come from inherited IRAs. An Inheritance With Strings Attached New rules for inherited IRAs could leave some heirs with a hefty tax bill. By Sandra Block, September, 2023… Continue reading


Why It’s Smart to Revisit New Year’s Savings Goals Now

Summer is the perfect time to check in on the financial goals set in January at the beginning of the year. Columnist Ann Carrns outlines how to conduct a personal audit, which is essentially a financial health “checkup.” Why It’s Smart to Revisit… Continue reading

With the Odds on Their Side, They Still Couldn’t Beat the Market

With the Odds on Their Side, They Still Couldn’t Beat the Market

The Rebalance tried-and-true adage remains the same, echoed by this NYTs columnist: it is nearly impossible to beat the stock market. The most prudent long-term investing strategy is to “own” the entire stock market through low-cost, broad exposure index funds.… Continue reading


The High Price Retirees Pay for Collecting Social Security Too Early

A lot of money can be left on the table when retirees collect Social Security too early. Read on about a recent study that illustrates why it pays to wait. Source: The Wall Street Journal Feb. 18, 2023. The High… Continue reading

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Financial Planning for Retirement: It’s More Accessible, but Be Careful

Financial planning has become a universally critical tool in planning for retirement. When hiring a financial planner, heed the advice that Mark Miller provides in this excellent article. Source: The New York Times, January 6th, 2023 Financial Planning for Retirement:… Continue reading


Hardship 401(k) Withdrawals, Explained

The current global economic situation is very demanding. A surge in inflation has stressed many family budgets. As a result, more people now rely on loans from their 401(k)s to bridge the gap in their expenses, according to data. The… Continue reading


The Rich Get College Subsidies While the Student Debt Debate Goes On

While we agree with the majority of this New York Times article, the challenge here is that it is critical and judgmental about an investment practice that has long been recognized as ‘best practice.’ Using 529 savings plans to save… Continue reading

With tax-loss harvesting, investors can use stock losses they incurred this year to offset realized capital gains. ILLUSTRATION: MIKEL JASO

Year-End Tax Moves That Investors Should Consider

Smart financial investors don’t just think about stock market gains and losses. They also look for ways to balance their investment accounts in order to minimize the taxes they must pay. After all, more money in your account is more… Continue reading