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Defusing the Unseen Risk Many 401(k) Participants Take With Their Retirements


The rising popularity of target-date funds in 401(k) plans could be seen as a sign of progress. People seem to know that they need help picking the right combination of investments. Increasing numbers of them opt for target-date funds, which… Continue reading

President Joe Biden signing executive orders

Change the 401(k) Tax Break? Why Keeping Tabs on Washington Matters


Is your 401(k) plan ready for big changes? They could be coming. The Biden administration reportedly seeks a raft of adjustments to the longstanding private American retirement system. Some of these changes could be dramatic, such as getting rid of… Continue reading


Is Your 401(k) Truly Competitive? Benchmark To Find Out


Assets in the top 401(k) plans exceeded $1 trillion in the past year and participation rates stayed steady at 81 percent, according to a new report from retirement industry tracker Judy Diamond. Finance, tax and insurance providers led the list… Continue reading


For Business Owners, The Real 401(k) Risk Is Doing Nothing


As an employer, can you one day be sued by your long-ago employees for how you managed their retirement money? You bet you can! All it takes is allegedly failing to offer investments with competitive fees, as Wake Forest University… Continue reading


Study: Millions of Business Owners Take Needless Risk with Retirement Plans


Quick, who’s the fiduciary of your company’s 401(k) plan? If you don’t know chances are high that it’s you, the business owner. If your next thought was “What exact exactly is a fiduciary?” your problems might run deeper still. A… Continue reading


Do Your Employees Feel Bullish About Retirement?


Contributions to 401(k) have remained stable over the past 15 months, but not everyone has been able to save for retirement in the manner they would prefer. According to BlackRock’s 2021 “DC Pulse Survey,” 57% of respondents stated that the… Continue reading


Small Business Owners, Don’t Leave Any 401(k) Money On the Table!


Although the SECURE Act became law more than a year ago, many small business owners still aren’t aware of the multitude of ways that it rewards small businesses that make easy for their employees to save for retirement. First and… Continue reading


The Case for Hiring a 3(38) 401(k) Retirement Plan Advisor


If you don’t feel that you have the in-depth financial knowledge necessary to manage your company’s 401(k) portfolio, you aren’t alone. According to a Charles Schwab survey, 52% of 401(k) plan managers indicated they don’t have the time, interest or… Continue reading


Congress to Review ‘Set It and Forget It’ Target Date Funds


Along with the entire Rebalance Better K team, I have long been wary of a “set it and forget it” strategy when it comes to 401(k) management. The reason for this is simple: life changes, the world changes, and your… Continue reading

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