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Rebalance your retirement investment portfolio correctly

Decisions About Rolling Over Your 401(k) or 403(b)


Jay Vivian, former managing director of the IBM Retirement Funds, on why rolling over your 401(k) is important. Continue reading

Trump Moving To Delay Rule That Protects Workers From Bad Financial Advice

NPR Reporting On The Fight To Make Retirement Investing Safer


Chris Arnold is a reporter with NPR who has a knack for explaining the complexities of investing in simple, plain English. In the ongoing fight for greater consumer protections, NPR produced a segment that highlights the intricacies of the fiduciary rule, and… Continue reading

Retirement saving for freelancers and contractors

Retirement Planning – Freelancers Have A Secret Weapon, The Solo 401(K)


An amazing 40 percent of American workers will be classified as freelancers by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Once the province of recent graduates and those “in between” jobs, the wave of the future seems to be… Continue reading

401k retirement

The Basics of 401(k) Retirement Planning


The history of the most common American retirement plan — the workplace 401(k) — is long, but the essential idea is simple. Save money today and lower your current income taxes. Put in pre-tax money while you are working and… Continue reading


All the Ways You Can Mess Up Your 401(k)


Workplace retirement plans get a lot of bad press, primarily small company plans loaded with high fees. But, truth be told, 401(k)s have been a boon to millions of Americans with access to them. In total, 55 million savers held… Continue reading

Burt Malkiel on which investment do best over time

Rebalance Featured On PBS Finance Show Wealthtrack


Consuelo Mack is a long time fan of Professor Burton Malkiel and Dr. Charles Ellis. In fact, she had both of them on her show several times.  So naturally, she was intrigued when Burt and Charley joined the Rebalance team and took… Continue reading

Finding Investment Advice for More Modest Retirement Accounts

Finding Investment Advice For More Modest Retirement Accounts


If you’re perfectly capable of running your own retirement savings, selecting the right mix of low-cost investments, rebalancing at the right time and not buying and selling out of fear or greed, then good for you. But the majority of people… Continue reading


An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Success


This Sunday’s Washington Post shared something I’ve long known…namely that my partners Scott Puritz and Mitch Tuchman are world-class human beings. The Post profiled Scott to share his entrepreneurial spirit and how Rebalance came to be. And what an exciting… Continue reading

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