Rebalance Webinar Series - Investing 101

Join Scott Puritz for an Enlightening Conversation About Your Money

Investing for your long-term goals is not rocket science. There really are just a few fundamental choices to make, choices that over time lead to better investment returns. What’s more, you can get those returns without all the jumpiness and second-guessing common among short-term thinkers and supposed Wall Street “pros.” Research has shown, repeatedly, that… Continue reading


Mitch Tuchman Explains the 5 Drivers of Investment Success

The overwhelming message from Wall Street about investing is that it’s complex and hard to understand. And sure, the underlying mechanics of trading can be obtuse. There’s a reason people get advanced degrees in finance. All of that matters if you actually do finance for a living, day to day. But few of us are… Continue reading

Rebalance sells investments that have risen and buys those that have fallen in price

You Can’t Time The Market


Investors are always in search of special techniques they can use to maximize their returns and save more for retirement. And who can blame them? A person’s retirement savings represents years of hard work as well as their hopes and dreams for the future. One common misconception is that investors can somehow save more by… Continue reading

The Secret to “Above Average” Stock Market Returns

The Secret to “Above Average” Returns


Every investor wants to know the secret to getting above average returns in their retirement portfolio. After all, an individual’s IRA is the product of decades of hard work and careful planning. Deciding on an investment strategy is one of the most important financial and life decisions a person can make. Research has shown that… Continue reading