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Rebalance Webinar Series - Investing 101

Join Scott Puritz for an Enlightening Conversation About Your Money

Investing for your long-term goals is not rocket science. There really are just a few fundamental choices to make, choices that over time lead to better investment returns. What’s more, you can get those returns without all the jumpiness and second-guessing common among short-term thinkers and supposed Wall Street “pros.” Research has shown, repeatedly, that… Continue reading


Six Words and Three Numbers That Matter from Charley Ellis


Say the word “finance” and many people’s eyes just glaze over. I totally understand that. Money and investing can be quite a dense topic, even for those of us in the business! It’s appealing, then, to have someone tell you that there are “three simple rules” or “one big decision” that will cut away the… Continue reading

Rebalance's Secret Sauce

The ‘Secret Sauce’ At Rebalance


Over the past decade or so, a lot of well-meaning investment writers have tried to explain what is “special” or “different” about index investing. After all, American savers have put literally trillions of dollars to work in index funds over the years. There must be something going on, right? There must be some reason legacy… Continue reading

Trillions Book Review

Burton Malkiel’s Compelling Book Review of ‘Trillions’


Big investment funds have a public face, a famous money manager who is constantly “talking up his fund” on financial television shows. By contrast, index fund investing is hard to comprehend. The Financial Times journalist Robin Wigglesworth got curious about those “missing faces” and wrote a fascinating history of how indexing got started. The resulting… Continue reading


The Day Trading Pandemic


Burt Malkiel, Princeton Professor Emeritus and Rebalance Investment Committee member, offers his take on another widespread economic hazard impacting Americans: day trading. Find out what Burt has to say about the risky hobby, and how to avoid the allure of “making a quick buck” on the stock market. The coronavirus has wrought devastating harm to… Continue reading


What’s New? Even Lower Investing Costs For Our Clients


The late, great John Bogle put it best, and simplest, when he said, “Fees matter.” We take those words seriously at Rebalance. We should, since several members of our all-star Investment Committee are longtime colleagues of the Vanguard Group founder. One is Burton Malkiel, Princeton professor and author the investing classic A Random Walk Down… Continue reading


Our 3 Favorite John Bogle Books


The recent loss of investing giant and Vanguard founder, John Bogle, got us to thinking about the many books he wrote and which ones meant the most to us. Here are our top 3 favorites to help inspire you to learn more about the market, investing, and the incredible impact that John Bogle had on… Continue reading

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Passive Investing Is Active In All The Right Ways


There are plenty of buzzwords in the investing world, few of them more debated than the idea of active vs. passive investing. Passive doesn’t not necessarily mean “do nothing.” After all, doing nothing would mean not investing at all! Rather, we advocate for a thoughtfully structured portfolio process. Our mantra at Rebalance is “portfolio indexing,”… Continue reading

John Bogle explains a new rule that will save retirement

John Bogle’s Legacy Has Only Just Begun


I had the privilege of joining John Bogle, and other industry leaders, in the continued fight against unfair investment practices at the launch of the groundbreaking initiative ‘Campaign for Investors.’ I hope to honor Bogle’s legacy by continuing to advocate for investment industry reform and consumer safety. Watch this video to learn more about the… Continue reading