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Female financial advisors

Introducing: The Money Motivation Video Series


Investing can feel challenging and we often just postpone thinking about our savings and investing goals. We hear you! Our Rebalance team wants you to feel comfortable and in-the-know so we are launching a video series where you’ll hear directly… Continue reading

hidden fees

Merrill Lynch Bombshell On Hidden Fees Is Hardly A Surprise


A couple of years ago, I spent an inordinate amount of my time on Capitol Hill talking to lawmakers about a new investment rule in the works designed to expose hidden fees charged by stock brokers. Called the fiduciary rule,… Continue reading

SEC rule

New Rule Safeguards Wall Street’s Profit Pipeline, Putting Investors at Risk


The Securities and Exchange Commission, the chief regulator in charge of Wall Street, has a startling message for investors: “You’re on your own.” The SEC has just opened to public comments a potential change to how your stockbroker must operate.… Continue reading

investment steps

4 Concrete Steps For Real Investment Peace of Mind


It was Dr. Martin Luther King who said “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Weighty words indeed, but they feel apropos of the back-and-forth we see in Washington over a rule meant to… Continue reading

Stock Broker

Is Your Broker Really On Your Side? SEC Action Might Force Hand Of Advisors


Quick question: What title does your financial advisor use? What’s actually on his or her business card? If the words are “financial advisor,” the feds could come calling with pointed questions. The problem is one of legal responsibility. In the… Continue reading

christie whitney

A Financial Advisor Cares About Your Financial Health


Being a good financial advisor is a lot like being a good personal physician. You have to listen to what the patient means, whether they are saying it out loud or not. Every primary practice doctor has this experience. The… Continue reading

foreign investing

The Simple Genius of Mark Mobius, Foreign Investment Pioneer


Mark Mobius, a fixture in international investing from his perch at the Franklin Templeton mutual fund company, will retire this month after three decades of leading American investors to foreign shores. Like the founder of Franklin Templeton, the late John… Continue reading


You Can Leave These Mutual Funds — But Only If You Pay


Hedge funds get a lot of grief over punitively high fees and low returns, with good reason. Among the most hated are so-called “gated” funds, those with rules that lock up investor money for specific periods of time. The gate is… Continue reading

Suze Orman Retirement

Suze Orman Has A Killer Question For Your Retirement


Suze Orman is one of those singular personalities in the financial business who seems to be right on the pulse of everyone she meets. She’s written books, starred in her own television show and made innumerable appearances in person. Like… Continue reading

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