Mitch Tuchman, Managing Director, describes the initial interview that every client has when they first sit down with their financial advisor.  More on the Rebalance approach to retirement investing.


In our initial interview with a client, we’re trying to figure out a few things. What is the end result? In other words, what does retirement look like for you? What are you trying to achieve at retirement? What’s it going to take to fund that retirement?

In order to understand the end, you have to back into the whole issue and we have to get to know the client very deeply with respect to their financial matters, as well as their goals and aspirations. We go through this process with every single client. We take down the normal types of things like their ages and when they want to retire, how much they’ve saved up, where is the money, in which accounts. We try to get a whole financial picture for each client, but then we try to get down to other nitty-gritty details like do you have other funding obligations- sending kids through college, kids out of college, needing a little extra help, parents that you may need to support. Flip side, you’re expecting any inheritances. We go through a very deep dive into the financial situation and ultimately we come up with a methodology with respect to their investing that will help them get on a path to fund their retirement.

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