The overwhelming message from Wall Street about investing is that it’s complex and hard to understand.

And sure, the underlying mechanics of trading can be obtuse. There’s a reason people get advanced degrees in finance.

All of that matters if you actually do finance for a living, day to day. But few of us are ever drawn into CFO-level decisions.

Yet all of us, in fact, do have to think about the long term of investing. Otherwise, retirement is virtually impossible.

Thankfully, the concepts you need to master to do this kind of investing are highly accessible.

No advanced degrees required at all!

Teaching these fundamental ideas is a big part of the mission at Rebalance. That’s why we periodically feature our key firm leaders in interactive, low-pressure seminars on investing and other important money topics.

In this popular session, you’ll learn five ideas about investing that drive long-term success.

The five key concepts are:

  • Be obsessive about compounding. Simply put, prudent investments that create consistent, predictable returns and steadily reinvest dividends and interest are far more valuable than risky investments that might make a killing but also might leave you broke.
  • Play for “house odds,” not Wall Street odds. Some investment managers beat the market from time to time. But today’s winners often turn into tomorrow’s losers, big time. The data show it’s far better to “be the house” by owning the market through a low-cost index fund.
  • Establish the right investment mix. You need your investments to perform, and that means taking on at least some risk. The “right” level of risk has to do with your temperament, but it has even more to do with when you need your money in retirement, the value of your other assets, and your spending plans decades from now. Getting that mix right is key.
  • Make a plan and stick to it. How do investors lose money? But chasing the latest and greatest thing … right into the ground. Avoiding that mistake puts you on a solid path toward retirement success.
  • Avoid brokers. Some financial advisors sell advice and some sell products. Hiring a fiduciary advisor is important because it helps you duck the overpriced, ineffective, product-driven financial marketplace.

Your presenter for this enlightening and fact-filled hour is Rebalance Managing Director Mitch Tuchman. To get a preview of Mitch’s message, please enjoy the video below.

It’s a full-episode interview with Mitch and Rebalance Investment Committee member Burt Malkiel, Princeton professor and author of the investment classic A Random Walk Down Wall Street. They appeared as guests on the long-running and respected PBS program “Consuelo Mack WealthTrack.”

To reserve a seat for the upcoming seminar, it is recommended that you register at your earliest convenience. Space is limited.

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